she realized rest 

after the yelling, the tears, the mourning of what was lost


she realized rest


after confronting her loss

she scraped her eyes from the dirt, shook the worms from her hair

and sang out, I only want to look at sky now


she reached up and held hands with the stars

breathed into soles of bare feet

As earth dug her in


And she realized reflection


she named the planets, countries, oceans, forests

each with anecdotes of gratitude


she meditated on what was offered her by the greatest of Shes 


and in this rest she saw how rare a moment it was

for in the rift of pain and uncertainty

a torrent of horizon bled through, one in which 

she saw collective


then the ground whispered up


do not be fooled by the work—because it is work

to live in a generation that sprints through fires and now

must tread in deep waters


but it was there

and with the sorrow and the tireless waiting

she recognized her own insolence to Earth


she closed her eyes as advised by the stars

and heard the soundtrack for a new world 

uncomfortable at first

she searched and searched her ears to hear

then settled on the inevitable stillness


and in this stillness she observed

angels caroling the trees with hymns to drink 

A cleaner water

flowers opening their bright sternums to the sun

birds returning to their nest 


then the stars’ soundtrack swayed her to a dream

she was wrapped in cocoon for 21 days (or perhaps it was longer)

her wings budded while nature ripened

(for new rest was granted)

and when it was time, her cocoon broke away

she was vivid and winged and awake


and as she flew she heard new beginnings

she listened deeper, spoke less, took time

she appreciated oceans were for earth’s creatures and not for afterthoughts and plastic


and despite isolation, she saw that she was not alone

she breathed again into her soles and felt community

she breathed into the earth and realized 

she was one with nature, and together they were healing


and in her room where time held no measure

when uncertainty bent in her throat

she heard the stars whisper that they’d not let go

and she whispered back 

i will not falter from this score


now she sits

surrounded by traffic, clamoring trash bins, construction down the street

yet still she listens for the sound of waves calling, and they cry out: 

do not hope, do not fear, do not anticipate. 

just be


 just realize rest.


can you hear them? 


Haiku in the 3am

worn not shoes in years

she dons the eager Blundstones

strides with sea in tow

Brighton, UK

in the desert


gum dehydrates you

coffee dehydrates you

tea dehydrates you 

                                                       sugar is bad

and you need to drink more water 

you feel the lack of moisture 

but you cry so much 

the salts

                  e x t r a c t    


                                        t h e m s e l v s e l v e s


from your body

but also

crying dehydrates you

and there is so much sadness in this world

ya kinda wanna just absorb it like a tissue

but it's out of control. so 

you drink the coffee, chew gum because

they take away from the hunger

they keep you thin

and goddammit it feels nice to be able to control something



                        can you please pass that cigarette?

y o u  s m o k e ? 


just one.

just a drag

                  of yours.


Written by Breanna Maloney

Produced by Tall Tale Theatre

Voiced by Emily Deimling