Breanna Maloney______________

Sam Woodruff                                                                                                          

Butler Ruston Bell Talent Associates                                                      


Height: 5'6"

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Green



A Christmas Carol       Lizzie Cratchit             White Mills Theatre Co./ Brandon White


Ether                             Charlotte                     White Mills Theatre Co./ Brandon White


The Dutch Courtesan  Crispinella                   Poculi Ludique Societas/ Noam Lior

Hamlet(s)                  Ophelia                      Skipping Stones Theatre/Sean O'Brien

Crave                             B                                 Pure Carbon/Crave Collective/Katy Murphy

Coriolanus                    Valeria                         Skipping Stones Theatre/Sean O'Brien

FREE(ZE)                       Cassie                         Parrhesia Collective/Etcetera Theatre (UK)

The Night Watch          Kay Langrish              Tristan Bates Theatre (UK)/Rosamunde Hutt

Heart of a Dog              Voyznesenskaya        Arcola Theatre (UK)/Simon Usher

The Tinderbox              George                      Corbett Theatre (UK)/Christopher Elmer-Gorry

4.48 Psychosis               Woman                      Hamilton Fringe Festival/ Sean O'Brien

Everyman                       Sinead                       Corbett Theatre(UK)/ Chris Meads

Romeo and Juliet         Juliet                          Globe Theatre (UK)/Dickon Tyrell

Earthquakes in London     Sarah                          East 15 Acting School/ Chris Meads

Titus Andronicus           Lavinia                        University of Windsor/Gordon McCall

To Moscow                    Lika Mizinova             University of Windsor/Liza Balkan

Blood Relations            Miss Lizzie                   University of Windsor/Brian Taylor

The Jungle Book          Bagheera                    The Resurgence Conservatory/Ashlie Corcoran


Ghost Ruined My Life  Supporting                    Cream Productions/Cat Hostic

See No Evil                    Supporting                  SNE7 Productions/Michael Sinyi

Dinner for Four                Lead                                Independent/Kenn Kao

EGO NOXA                     Principal                          Independent/Mercedes Coyle


MFA Acting, East 15 Acting School

BFA Acting, University of Windsor​

Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT)

Film & On-Camera: Samora Smallwood, Lynne Cormack, Caroline Webster 

Acting: Robin Sneller, Chris Meads, Dickon Tyrell, Brian Rintoul, Lionel Walsh

Voice & Dialect: Salvatore Sorce, Christina Gutekunst, Kennedy C. MacKinnon, Michael Keating

Movement: Tracy Collier, Christina Kapadocha, Marcin Rudy, Gina Lori Riley

Shakespeare: Dickon Tyrell, Leon Rubin, Ian Watson, Michael Keating

Mask: Michael Keating, Lionel Walsh

Combat: Phil Stafford, R.J. Seeley​

Suzuki/Viewpoints: J. Ed Araiza and Ellen Lauren (SITI 2012)

Michael Chekov: Lionel Walsh



Coloratura-Lyric Soprano, Commedia Dell’arte, Stage Combat Certified: Rapier and Dagger; Broad Sword; Unarmed, Contact, Laban, Viewpoints, Suzuki, Yoga, Basketball, Running, Swimming, Driving License (G), Smart Serve Certified