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Photo by Dahlia Katz

Photo by Mercedes Coyle

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Photo by Dahlia Katz


Latest Projects

Cooking for Grief, a staged reading*  written by Breanna Maloney 
Produced by Alma Matters Productions 
Photo by Brendee Green
*Due to COVID-19 this event has been postponed. Please check out Alma Matters Productions for news and updates. 

'Ghoul Girls'

Written by Brendee Green;

Voiced by Brendee Green, Breanna Maloney, Daniela Picinin & Eric Branget;

Produced by Tall Tale Theatre and Night Terrors Podcast 


Written by Breanna Maloney

Voiced by Emily Deimling

Produced by Tall Tale Theatre and Night Terror Podcast

Maloney gives an exceptional performance as Charlotte, a woman whose identity has been fragmented by the allure of the world’s oldest profession…

- Emily Trace, Arts Critic 

(on Ether by Brendee Green)

“There is an intelligence and work ethic with Breanna that drives her performance abilities.There is an inherent passion for theatre and art.” - Christopher Elmer- Gorry, Director, UK

"Breanna is a lovely actor: instinctive, inventive, connected, focused and energized. Her work is always engaging and truthful, and she is a pleasure to direct." - Caroline Webster, Director, UK

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