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Headshot by David Spowart, circa 2014

Hi, I’m Breanna, an actor, writer and theatre maker. I am grateful to call Toronto home, and acknowledge that I am a settler on this land of Irish and Nicaraguan descent.  I come from a theatre background in movement, classical and devised storytelling, and my recent artistic endeavours have focused on the exploration of shame and grief through use of dialogue and movement. I am passionate about telling stories from a feminist and socio-political point of view. Recently, I’ve contributed writing to Tall Tale Theatre's Night Terrors podcast,  the Windsor-Essex Nature Poetry and Environmentalism zine and The Tank NYC's Rule of 7x7.  My semi-autobiographical play, Cooking for Grief, was recently debuted at the Vancouver’s Fringe Festival in 2021. Cooking for Grief is a one-act drama that explores familial relationships, toxic masculinity and the uniqueness of healing. 

In 2016 I became a co-founder of Skipping Stones Theatre, an independent collective whose mandate explores stories through the lens of mental health and neurodiversity. I am a graduate of  East 15 Acting School (MFA) and the University of Windsor (BFA). My training has led me to various places including London, UK, Stratford, Ontario and Moscow. I act for stage and screen and my full resume can be found here. 

With minimal costuming, little-to-no sound design, and stripped- back, outdoor staging, Cooking for Grief at the 2021 Fringe Fest relies almost entirely on writing and performance to succeed. Luckily for us, Breanna Maloney’s thoughtful, semi-autobiographical exploration of loss does just that. -- Sloan Macleod, SAD MAG

Latest Projects

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Factory Theatre Studio, July 2022
As part of the Toronto Fringe Festival
Tickets on sale June 22

Effie is the type you’d avoid as you pass her on the street. Yet she claims you are “in her debt,” as she takes you on a journey from nightly benders to an event that sparks a glimmer of hope towards a higher sense of self. This tour-de-force solo show is a disruptive demand for revolution from the voice of a community left behind by economic deprivation.

Artistic Team:

Produced by Skipping Stones Theatre

Director: Sean O'Brien

Cast: Breanna Maloney

Lighting Designer: Chin Palipane

Stage Manager: Sarah Brawn

Movement Consultant: Alice Cavanagh

All promotional photography by Brendee Green

More information on tickets and showtimes, coming soon!

by Breanna Maloney
September 10th-18th
Vancouver Fringe Festival 2021
Cooking for Grief,
written by Breanna Maloney 
Directed by Breanna Maloney & Sarah Marchand

Produced by Alma Matters Productions 
Featuring Éanna O'Dowd, Aixa Kay, Junta Thiessen & Johnnier Mejia. 

For tickets and information, visit Vancouver Fringe 


After a sudden death in his family, Rob is forced to come to terms with his own identity and the actions that inform his role as a son, partner and friend. He returns to group therapy— after a sudden hiatus— on the heels of a fractured realization of self. As the members of the Group work together in their healing process, they find common ground in their experiences with loss, pain and addictions. Cooking for Grief explores familial relationships, toxic masculinity, and what it means to accept healing into one’s life.

Alma Matters Productions is pleased to announce the LIVE premiere of Cooking for Grief by Breanna Maloney. Running from September 10th-18th at the Picnic Pavilion on Vancouver's Granville Island this one-act play explores familial relationships, toxic masculinity and the messiness of healing.



Podcast Features

'Ghoul Girls'

Written by Brendee Green;

Voiced by Brendee Green, Breanna Maloney, Daniela Picinin & Eric Branget;

Produced by Tall Tale Theatre and Night Terrors Podcast 


Written by Breanna Maloney

Voiced by Emily Deimling

Produced by Tall Tale Theatre and Night Terror Podcast


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